Japanese aid will enhance the ability of Palestinian refugees to confront Corona

This morning, Saturday morning, the Palestine Liberation Organization's Refugee Affairs Department began distributing personal protective equipment, medical devices and sterilizers provided by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as emergency assistance to confront the Coronavirus in the Palestinian camps in the northern governorates through its popular committees.

The head of the Refugee Affairs Department, Ahmed Abu Huli, said in a press release issued today, and arrived in Sawa, that the emergency assistance provided by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to the Palestinian camps comes as part of its emergency response to protect and prevent Palestinian refugees from contracting the Coronavirus, or limit its spread. He expressed his hope that the camps of the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria would receive such assistance in light of the outbreak of the epidemic in them.


Abu Huli stated that the Japanese aid contained 50,000 masks, 90,000 gloves, 950 masks with a filter, 500 remote temperature checks, 150 diabetes (digital) machines with test strips, 200 pressure testers, and 3,000 disinfectant liquid (Dettol). , 5,000 liquid hand soaps and 4,000 hand sanitizers.

He added that the JICA funded camp improvement project based on a holistic and participatory approach contributed greatly to identifying the priority needs of the camps in light of the emergency that it is witnessing with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, pointing out that the emergency aid provided by "JICA" has been selected in a comprehensive and participatory manner by the refugee community. In determining it as a priority to confront the Corona epidemic, which has become a threat to the camps and threaten their inhabitants of the Palestinian refugees, especially marginalized and vulnerable groups.

He pointed to the importance of this support in empowering and strengthening the ability of Palestinian refugees to confront the Corona epidemic, and to work in accordance with the protocols of the World Health Organization and the health guidelines issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to prevent infection with Corona.

Abu Huli thanked the Japanese government, the Japanese ambassador to the State of Palestine Masayuki Majushi, and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the emergency assistance provided to the Palestinian camps to confront the Corona pandemic, expressing his hope for continued Japanese support in providing priority projects that serve the refugee segment and build their capacity in the camps. Palestinian.

He stressed the refugee affairs department's keenness to enhance joint coordination with "JICA" and to provide all facilities and assistance to its staff inside the camps.

For his part, Director General of Camps at the Refugee Affairs Department, Yasser Abu Kishk, affirmed that the emergency aid provided by JICA will reach all the camps in the northern governorates through the popular committees that will distribute it to all active and active institutions inside the camps in a way that guarantees the comprehensive use of it from the camp residents of all segments.

He stressed that the Refugee Affairs Department has started putting the outputs of the JICA project (camp improvement) into practice by applying the holistic and participatory approach to improving the living standards of refugee camps on the ground to fight the Coronavirus.

He pointed out that the department, since the spread of the Coronavirus, initiated an emergency committee in every refugee camp and tried to include the voices of vulnerable and marginalized groups in the committees such as women, youth, the elderly and people with disabilities, to be effective partners in facing the pandemic.


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