Democratic candidate Joe Biden attacks Netanyahu and settlement expansion

The Democratic Party’s candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, attacked the occupation government’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the policy of settlement expansion, and the continuing talk about annexation.

Biden said in his speech during a ceremony organized by the "J Street" organization, yesterday, Thursday, that "Israel must stop expanding settlements in the West Bank, and stop talking about annexation and seeking to advance the two-state solution," stressing that he "made his position clear to the Israelis."

He added: “The annexation today is not on the table, but I don’t know how far it is from Netanyahu’s table and his orientations.” East Jerusalem. "

Biden reiterated his assertion that the two-state solution is the only way to guarantee the Palestinians' right to their state on the one hand, and to the security of Israel on the other hand, pointing out that his opponent in the elections, the current US President Donald Trump, has undermined the issue of self-determination for the Palestinians, and is working to undermine hope for a two-state solution. .


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