Occupation seeks to transform Palestinian children into handicapped

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The international Movement for the Defence of children (dci) said that Israeli forces are seeking to turn Palestinian children into disabled people by deliberately targeting them with live and explosive bullets.

The Movement's branch in Palestine said in a press release on Thursday that it had documented several cases in the Gaza Strip of children who had sustained disabilities as a result of their direct targeting by the Israeli army, with the intention of killing them or causing permanent damage.

"the Movement " quoted testimonies of eight children injured during their participation in peaceful marches on the border of the Gaza strip, including the child Mahmoud sawalhy, 12, from the city of Khan Yunis.

"sawalhy " was shot in the head on 14 May last may, following which his left eye was Lost.

The child suffers from a relative loss of memory, is undergoing psychiatric treatment, and is expected to receive a medical referral for the installation of a "cosmetic" glass eye.

According to the statement, Ali froana, 14, was paralysed in the lower limbs, after being shot by live bullets in the back during his participation in peaceful marches, mid-may May last year.

He was ready to open a vehicle repair shop, but he was deprived of his dream, according to the world Movement.

She called on the movement to open a serious and professional investigation into all shooting incidents, and to hold soldiers accountable for targeting children with the intention of killing them or causing permanent disabilities.


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