5 detainees from the West Bank at dawn on Sunday

The Israeli army arrested five citizens at dawn on Sunday in raids and raids in several different areas.

According to local sources, Ibrahim Fayez Sobeih, from The Gaza Strip, northeast of Jerusalem, was arrested while he was at his workplace, Bakr al-Hindi from Aqba Jabr camp south of Jericho, and Noor Saadi al-Hassanat from The Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem.
The occupation army also arrested Tarek bin Ziad Jalal Abu Daoud and Naseem al-Atrash, a player from Hebron.

In the same context, an israeli army force stormed the house of Prisoner Younis Ayesh Zain in al-Habla area of Yatta, south of Hebron, and inspected his bedroom, and took pictures of it, although the occupation closed it in 2016, on charges of planning to carry out an operation in Tel Aviv.

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