Fiat Chrysler unveils a concept hybrid version of the Jeep Grand Wagoner

 The Italian-American giant Fiat Chrysler Automobile Corporation unveiled today, Thursday, a test model of a hybrid version of its famous Jeep Grand Wagoner, indicating that the company's strategy to offer cars powered by electric motors Popular brand includes Jeep.

And Bloomberg News Agency indicated that the test model of the hybrid car Grand Wagoner will be equipped with an advanced electric motor that gives zero emissions and no noise, to resemble the Lincoln Aviator hybrid car from Ford Motor.

Bloomberg said that the Italian-American company, whose late CEO Sergio Marchionne had fiercely resisted investing heavily in electric vehicle technology as a losing investment, is now adding an electric version to its Jeep family, which belongs to the SUV segment. With countries around the world tightening restrictions on car exhaust.

Fiat Chrysler is introducing a hybrid version of the Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade in Europe and plans to reveal the hybrid version of the Jeep Grand Wagner today.

Fiat Chrysler has announced its intention to add an electric version to the Grand Wagner model in 2022, as part of its five-year strategy announced in 2018.

It is not clear until now whether the hybrid technology that the company will present in the experimental model that will be unveiled today will be used in the production of the car on a commercial scale.

The hybrid version of the Grand Wagoner will compete with similar fuel and electric cars such as the Aviator from Ford, XC90 from Volvo and Mitsubishi Outlander.

It is noteworthy that the hybrid car is equipped with two engines, one of which is powered by conventional fuel and the other is powered by electricity.


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