98 new cases of corona in Gaza

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced, this morning, Thursday, that 98 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded during the past 24 hours, after examining 1,421 samples.

The total number of injured people since last March has reached 581, including 500 active cases, including 463 from inside the Gaza Strip and 37 returnees.

The ministry said that 76 recoveries were recorded, in addition to 5 deaths, 4 of them from inside Gaza, and the fifth case from returnees.

It indicated that the competent medical teams are still conducting epidemiological investigations and following up on a map of contacts in different regions.

She said, "The curve of the outbreak of the epidemic in the Gaza Strip is moving at an increasing rate and has not been controlled until the moment."

She indicated that it has doubled efforts around the clock to contain the epidemic, and the coming days are important in breaking the episodes of outbreaks.

She added that the indolence and disdain of a segment of citizens in preventive controls has increased the casualties and the spread of the epidemic between the areas of the Gaza Strip.

And she emphasized the complete adherence to preventive measures, adherence to homes, and not to go out except for the utmost necessity, while maintaining the wearing of the muzzle, washing hands and physical distancing.


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