10 detainees at dawn Thursday, including one wounded

 The Israeli army arrested 10 citizens, including an injured man, who was shot at when he was arrested.
According to local sources, Imad al-Taweel, from Jenin, and three young men from Tulkarem, Assid Rajeh Osman Merhi, were arrested from his home in the city, Rami Shalabaya from the eastern suburb of Dhanaba, and Mahmoud Shehadeh from Noor Shams camp.
A special Israeli force also arrested Abdullah al-Atiyani from Tubas, who was shot in the foot, and Mohammed Mazher Zain from Burin, south of Nablus.
In Ramallah, the occupation arrested Maher Abda and Ahmed Taha Guevara from the village of Kafr Nema al-Gharba, and the occupation re-arrested former prisoner Ahmed Zahran from deir Abu Mashal, who went on a 113-day hunger strike.
From Issawiya, east of Jerusalem, the sources reported the arrest of the boy, Montaser Sitta.

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