Ma´ariv: Israeli concern over a possible collapse of the Palestinian Authority

The Hebrew newspaper Maariv said, this morning, Thursday, that the Israeli security and military establishment is currently concerned about the possibility of the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, especially with the continued interruption of communications between the two sides.

According to Maariv, the Israeli security authorities see the continued cut of communications as a dramatic factor that could affect security stability in the West Bank and elsewhere. She points out that the last three attacks inside Israel and near Nablus were carried out for national motives, individually and without any assistance, and the lack of coordination with the authority complicates the possibility of thwarting such attacks.

The newspaper believes that the situation inside the Palestinian Authority may be the worst and most difficult ever, and it can affect security stability, and the Corona virus crisis makes the situation more difficult and complex, but despite this, President Mahmoud Abbas is not ready to descend from the tree, and indicates A number of Israeli analysts do not rule out the implementation of his threats to dismantle the authority.

The newspaper pointed out that holding meetings between Palestinian officials and Israeli security bodies recently, in an attempt to renew contacts, especially security coordination, but the feeling in Israel is that President Abbas is very close to a decision junction, and that the difficult situation of the Authority requires a personal and dramatic decision from him.

According to the newspaper, the Israeli security authorities are making an effort to renew security coordination, but to no avail so far.

Those security authorities believe that at some point President Abbas will end his role, but the question is how this will happen, considering that it will be a dramatic step that will immediately affect security stability, and everyone in Israel is very interested in preventing that.


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