Al-Emadi: We are seeking to convert the Gaza power station to operate on gas

Ambassador Muhammad Al-Emadi, head of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, said that he held a meeting with the official of the Israeli Delek Gas Company, with the aim of supplying the Gaza Strip's only power station with gas.

Al-Emadi clarified during an interview with the Qatari Al-Arabi TV that supplying the station with gas would be financially more than being supplied with the Israeli power line 161.

He said, "In our calculations, the gas pipeline will cost 2.5 million dollars and produce 130 megawatts. We are currently paying for the power plant fuel approximately 6 million dollars a month for 80 megawatts."

He added, "It was agreed to supply a gas pipeline, and its size would accommodate a station with a capacity of 600 megabytes, not 130 megabytes, and this would help to operate large factories as well."

He pointed out that there are materials classified as "dual-use materials" that will be brought into the Gaza Strip.

He indicated that there is an Israeli agreement to allow entry of 7,000 workers, but the government's measures in Gaza at the crossings due to Corona prevent this until this moment.

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