Center: 330 arrests during the past month

 The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies monitored 330 cases of detention, including 36 children, 12 women and girls, during the past month of August.

The center said in a statement, that the occupation authorities continued during the past month their arrests of Palestinians, despite the danger to them as a result of the Corona pandemic.

He indicated that in Gaza there was one arrest case of a young man who infiltrated near the eastern border, and he was returned to the Strip again after being interrogated for hours.

Riyadh Al-Ashqar, director of the center, said that the number of parliamentarians kidnapped increased to 7 last month, with the arrest of two representatives from Al-Maqdisi, Ahmed Muhammad Atoun (54 years), and Abdel-Jaber, fuqaha from Al-Bireh, where the latter was released after being interrogated for hours, while Atoun was transferred to Ofer prison. .

He pointed out that he had been expelled from Jerusalem for 10 years, and had spent more than 13 years in the occupation prisons.

The occupation forces also arrested journalist Musab Saeed (29 years old) after storming his house in Birzeit, north of Ramallah, and his detention was extended several times, as well as journalist Mustafa Abu Ramz (43 years), and handed him a decision to be deported from Al-Aqsa Mosque, for a period of 6 months.

Al-Ashqar pointed out that last month, the occupation continued to target Palestinian women and girls with arrests and summons for investigation, as 12 cases of detention of women were monitored, among them a graduate student, Tasnim al-Qadi from al-Bireh, and she was subjected to a harsh interrogation for a month, and the young Jerusalemite Salam Muhaisin, whose detention was extended several times.

The occupation forces also arrested Mrs. Rania Hatem from Jerusalem, and re-arrested the Jerusalemite Nafisa Khwais from the yards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The occupation intelligence also arrested the wife of Al-Maqdisi Ahmed Abu Ghazaleh from Bab Hatta in the Old City, and from the town of Yatta, south of Hebron, they arrested an entire family consisting of four The city of Hebron and they are the citizen Faisal al-Najjar, his wife Maha, and their sons Muhammad and Musa.

While continuing to target minors with arrest and abuse, the report monitored (36) cases of arrest of minors under the age of eighteen, most of them from occupied Jerusalem.

During the past month, a number of prisoners continued their open hunger strike to protest their arbitrary administrative detention.

A number of them suspended the strike, namely Musa Zahran and Muhammad Wahdan from Ramallah, and the captive Khalil Abu Aram (54 years), who has been sentenced to life in prison and has been detained since 2002, after 5 days of strikes to demand a meeting with his captive son Ahmed, as well as the captive Abdullah Subuh from Jenin. After an agreement to transfer him from "Ofer" prison.

Until the end of last month, a number of prisoners were still going on an open hunger strike, and they are: Maher Al-Akhras 38 days ago, Ramez Al-Lahham, Mustafa Al-Hasanat, and Yazan Al-Balawi from Bethlehem were on strike for the tenth day in a row, rejecting the administrative detention policy, and the captive Mutassim Samara from the city Tulkarm for the seventh day in protest against the renewal of his administrative detention. The leading prisoner, Hussam Al-Razah, since his arrest 4 days ago, and the administrative prisoner, Abd al-Rahman Shuaibat, from Bethlehem, has been striking for the 14th day in a row.

Al-Ashqar indicated that during the same month, the occupation courts continued to issue administrative decisions against the prisoners, as the occupation mock courts issued 82 administrative decisions between new and renewal, which ranged from two months to six months.

Al-Ashqar indicated that last month witnessed an increase in the number of prisoners infected with the Coronavirus to 19, after 12 prisoners in Section 21 of Ofer Prison were infected with the disease as a result of the occupation’s disdain for prisoners ’lives, failure to apply protection measures and take the necessary measures and preventive measures to protect them from Corona, which Increase the number of injured.


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