Gaza: 36 new cases of Corona and the extension of the curfew for another 48 hours

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced this evening, Saturday, that 36 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded, from inside the Strip.

Ashraf Al-Qidra, a spokesman for the ministry in Gaza, explained during the daily briefing that 1004 laboratory samples were examined, and new infections were recorded.

He pointed out that the number of injured cases since last March has reached 257 cumulatively, of which 182 are active, including 145 from inside Gaza, and 37 from returnees.

Al-Qidrah indicated that there were 72 cases of recovery from the total injuries since last March, including 3 deaths.

He pointed out that the competent health authorities are still continuing to provide services to 2,368 in the quarantine and isolation centers, indicating that the teams are still conducting epidemiological investigation and following up on a map of contacts in different regions.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said: The phase of containing the epidemic and breaking the episodes of its outbreak requires preventing movement, except for the most urgent necessity and in accordance with strict preventive measures.

Al-Qudra indicated that hospitals provide their services to citizens in accordance with safety measures, and we have implemented a remote treatment program for medical consultations in all governorates, indicating that screening centers for respiratory cases have been prepared in designated and isolated places in hospitals.

He pointed out that the High Emergency Committee, with all its components, monitors and assesses the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip and takes appropriate measures.

For his part, Iyad Al-Bazm, spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, announced the extension of the curfew period for a period of 48 hours, starting from tonight, indicating that it was decided to completely separate the governorates completely.

Al-Bazam pointed out that it was decided to take strict measures to separate the northern Gaza Strip, and to separate the entire towns from within them, indicating that full measures are being taken to separate the northern regions from each other.

He stressed that the security services will take legal measures against those who are not committed to the preventive measures, calling on citizens to adhere to them.

And he indicated that a place has been allocated to detain violators, indicating that the movement of service providers such as water cars and others will be restricted.

Concerning the disbursement of employees' salaries, the spokesman for the Gaza Interior Ministry said that it was agreed with the bank administrations that salaries will be disbursed to all employees according to specific mechanisms that will be approved in the coming days in accordance with safety and prevention measures and in accordance with timetables that prevent crowding and mixing.

Al-Bazm warned merchants against monopolizing goods and raising prices, indicating that legal measures had been taken against a number of merchants.


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