Porsche delays launching a new version of its Taycan electric car

The German luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche announced the postponement of the launch of a new, larger version of its electric car Taycan, referring to the strong demand for the current version of the car in light of the pandemic of the new Corona virus that incurred Global auto industry huge losses.

And Bloomberg News quoted Oliver Blume, CEO of the subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group, the largest car producer in Europe, as saying that the new electric car, the Cross-Turismo, will be launched early next year, not late this year as planned.

Bloomberg indicated that Porsche has not canceled any car production project due to the market turmoil as a result of the Corona pandemic, and it is expected to maintain a profit margin of at least 10 percent during the current year.

Blume said that changing the schedule for launching the car does not represent any harm to them, but is an attempt to make the most of the planning cycle of the current version of the car. Another European during the first half of this year.

It is noteworthy that Porsche has so far proven that it is more flexible than its competitors in the global auto market in the face of the Corona pandemic, which caused an unprecedented crisis for the global auto industry during the current year. While Tesla, the American electric car, and Toyota Motor, the largest car producer in Europe, succeeded in making profits during the first half of this year, other car companies suffered big losses as a result of the closure of many factories, sales centers and showrooms due to the pandemic.


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