Prime Minister of Scotland: independence is the only solution

Scotland _ Agencies

Scotland's Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgis has stated that her country's independence from the United Kingdom is the only solution to the problems facing Scotland because of the "precontext."

"priist is a serious problem for scotland," Stogenion said during a conference of the Scottish National party, which she heads, adding that "the only solution is to become an independent state," noting that she is more and more convinced that it will Happen.

Stogenion pointed out that Brist said that the future of Scotland was not in its hands, because it had to leave the EU without its will.

  Stogiion called on its supporters to be patient, asserting that it would make a decision on new efforts to secede after the terms of departure for the European Union were clear.

Most of Scotland's population voted against Britain's departure from the European Union during a public referendum on the issue in 2016, which ended in favor of Britain's departure from the union by 52 percent against the 48.

In 2014, a referendum on secession from Britain took place in scotland, which voted 55 percent of the "no" versus 45 percent "yes ".


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