The occupation arrests 16 citizens

The occupation forces launched, at dawn today, Wednesday, a campaign of arrests in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Tulkarm, Nablus and Jenin, affecting 16 citizens.

And local sources in Ramallah reported that the occupation forces arrested seven citizens from Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, namely: Shuja Darwish (37 years), Fadi Hamad Ghanem (36 years), and seized his vehicle, and Musab Saeed, from Birzeit town north of Ramallah. Omar Abu Ghosh (43 years) is from Al-Tireh, Raafat Abu Rabee ', Maher Shretah from Al-Mazra'a Al-Gharbia, and Arafat Nasir from Deir Qaddis, and he is a resident of Abu Qash village, after their homes were raided and searched.

In Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested 4 Jerusalemites after raiding their homes.

And local sources reported that: Muhammad Nayef Obaid, Moaz Al-Ashhab, Arafat Najeeb and Mustafa Al-Tarhouni were arrested.

In Tulkarm, the occupation forces arrested two young men from Nour Shams camp and the town of Anabta, namely: Luay Rasim Abu Shuqair (19 years), and the released prisoner Nasser Osama Nassar (18 years).

In Nablus, forces arrested two brothers from the village of Burin, south of Nablus.

The official news agency reported that the occupation forces stormed the village of Burin and raided several homes and arrested Qais Ahmed Eid and his brother Ismail Ahmed Eid.

In Jenin, an Israeli special force kidnapped, at dawn, the freed prisoner Yusef Jamal Al-Zubaidi, while he was inside his restaurant in the Jenin camp.


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