Israeli disputes flared up again, and the elections were on the horizon

Differences erupted again between Likud and Blue and White, despite the agreement that took place at dawn by voting within the Knesset Finance Committee on a bill allowing the passage of the general budget for 120 days to prevent elections.

An official in the Likud Party accused, through an official statement issued by the party, Blue and White, of trying to evade what was agreed upon and supporting the bill before the plenary session of the Knesset, which means dragging Israel into the elections.

The official pointed out that the Blue and White party refuses to form a special committee to appoint senior members of the judiciary, which is something the Likud demands in exchange for passing the draft budget deferral bill, pointing out that the Blue and White party also demands approval of government regulations before allowing passage Budget law.

Blue and White responded to these statements by saying that there were only a few hours left for Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party to prove their promise to the masses to prevent the elections, or to break this promise for his personal and legal considerations.

The party said all issues are solvable provided that agreements are fulfilled, to prevent unnecessary elections.


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