18 thousand houses are threatened with demolition in occupied Jerusalem

The Deputy Governor of Jerusalem, Abdullah Siyam, said today, Monday, that 18,000 homes in occupied Jerusalem are threatened with demolition.

Speaking to Voice of Palestine Radio, Siyam added that the files of these Palestinian homes that are threatened with demolition are in the drawers of the occupation courts, although there is a need for more than 15,000 housing units for Jerusalemites, especially the young generation.

He pointed out that the occupation’s policy of demolishing the homes of citizens in occupied Jerusalem comes in the context of punitive action, forced displacement, ethnic cleansing of citizens, and judaization and alienation of the occupied city.

The occupation authorities deliberately implement a policy of demolishing homes in Jerusalem in order to silently implement their settlement plans and get rid of the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem.

It is noteworthy that, since the beginning of this year, the occupation authorities have issued about 650 administrative and judicial demolition orders for homes and facilities for Jerusalemites, some of which are fixed-term for demolition and another unspecified.


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