The Prisoners´ Authority documents the harsh testimonies of three boys who were abused during their detention

 A report issued by the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority, on Monday morning, documented the painful testimonies of three boys, through which they describe the assault and physical and psychological harm they were subjected to during the process of their arrest and interrogation.

According to their testimonies, the boy, Ahmed Badawi (17 years), from Al-Arroub camp in Hebron city, was attacked by the occupation army after storming his house and destroying its contents. Later, he was transferred to the "Etzion" investigation center for interrogation, and then to "Megiddo" detention center, where he is now.

In addition, the occupation soldiers abused the minor Omar Makhraza (17 years) from Abu Dis town, east of occupied Jerusalem, while he was being held in an occupation army camp, where they attacked him with their rifles and slapped him several times, and he was also not spared from insulting, insulting and mocking him during his detention, and he was interrogated inside a police station Atarot, then he was transferred to Megiddo Detention Center.

As for the minor detainee, Muhammad Shaibani (17 years) from the town of Arraba, Jenin district, who is currently in the Cubs Prisoners Department in Megiddo, he was abused during his interrogation several times. After his arrest at a checkpoint near the settlement of Shafi Shimron, the occupation army He was interrogated on the ground, and after that he was taken to the "Ariel" police station for interrogation again, and then they transferred him to the "Huwara" detention center. He remained there for 18 days, during which he interrogated him 3 times. His clothes.


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