Oil companies in Gaza: The closure of "Kerem Shalom" will cause a deficit of fuel and gas in the markets

The Association of Oil and Gas Company Owners in Gaza warned today, Sunday, of the disastrous consequences of the continued closure of the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing with the Israeli side on the fuel and gas dealers sector, in light of importing a third of the sector’s consumption through this crossing, indicating that it will cause a deficit in the markets.

The head of the Oil and Gas Company Owners Association, Ahmed Labib Al-Hilu, confirmed through "Facebook" that the Israeli occupation’s closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing constitutes more pressure and exhaustion for the oil and gas traders sector, in light of the difficult economic situation Gaza is going through.
He added that the fuel and gas companies in Gaza are suffering from major economic crises that threaten their existence as a result of the decline in the economic reality and the absence of purchasing power in the Gaza Strip, noting that the closure of the crossing increases the chances of destroying these companies and bankrupting them.

Al-Hilu appealed to mediators and international institutions to put pressure on the occupation to reopen the crossing and allow all commercial goods to flow to companies in Gaza, especially fuel and gas.

The Presidential Committee for the Coordination of Goods of the General Administration of Crossings and Borders said earlier today that it informed the private sector companies of the decision of the Government of Israel to stop the entry of all goods and goods into the Gaza Strip, except for food and medical goods only.

An informed Palestinian source said this morning to Sawa News Agency that the Israeli occupation authorities have officially decided to prevent the entry of all goods and materials into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing, except for food and medical supplies.

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