A young man was wounded and seven citizens were arrested in Ramallah

Today, Sunday, a young man was wounded by live bullets during clashes with the occupation forces in Jalazoun camp, north of Ramallah, while the forces arrested seven citizens from Jalazoun and the town of Nabi Saleh.

Local sources reported that clashes erupted with the occupation forces at dawn today, during which live bullets, gas and sound bombs were fired, wounding a young man in his twenties with a live bullet in the thigh, and the young man was transferred to the Palestine Medical Complex after first aid was provided to him by an ambulance squad and defense volunteers Al-Madani camp in Jalazon.

The occupation forces also arrested six citizens of Jalazoun camp, namely: Nasser Murad Safi, Ali Sultan Al-Amouri, Amr Muhammad Al-Sabe, Muhammad Raed Al-Masry, Muhammad Sa`id Al-Masry and Sultan Hamed, after storming and searching their relatives' homes.

Muhammad Bilal Abdul Salam Al-Tamimi (23 years) was arrested from the town of Nabi Saleh.


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