The occupation navy attacks fishermen boats in Gaza

 Israeli naval boats attacked with live bullets and sound bombs today, Saturday, Palestinian fishermen's boats off the Al-Sudania area in the Gaza Strip, which are anchored off the shore.

The official agency said today that the occupation forces intentionally bomb sites and shoot at fishermen in the Gaza sea on a daily basis, in addition to continuing restrictions on the people of the Strip, by closing the only commercial crossing of Karam Abu Salem, preventing the entry of goods and fuel, and completely closing the sea since last week under pretexts. Flimsy.

The Israeli Channel 13 reported that the army allowed farmers and settlers to operate normally at the Gaza border, and the roads that were closed yesterday were opened near "Eshkol".

This morning, the Israeli "Jerusalem Post" newspaper reported on its website that the occupation army demanded farmers near the border fence with Gaza to leave the area, following the launch of rockets last night.


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