Land leveling of citizens in Broqin town

The bulldozers of the occupation bulldozed lands for citizens in the town of Broqin, Salfit district, to establish infrastructure for the facilities of the settlement of Brokhem, which was built on the village lands and stole its name from it.

Researcher Raed Mawqadi at the Land Research Center says: "At the present time, more than 150 dunums of agricultural land are being bulldozed, with the aim of establishing infrastructure for the settlement of Burukhim, which is expanding to establish hundreds of settlement units, and the land has been confiscated by unjust military decisions under the pretext of public interest, as they claim, and to establish networks. Water, wastewater and electricity networks, and this expansion will result in great damage to farmers in terms of losing their source of livelihood and adding large numbers of settlers to their land. "

He added, "The establishment of the advanced infrastructure for the settlement of Burukhim at the expense of the citizens' lands will have disastrous effects in terms of linking the western settlements of the Salfit Governorate with each other, which makes the Palestinian unable to access his land. There is a settlement plan to create a unified regional council in the Salfit area, whose aim is to seize it." On the largest area of ​​land and bringing hundreds of settler families to the area. "


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