Salah El-Din .. was arrested a week after the death of his sister, Dalia Smoudi, and the occupation extended his detention

Amidst the atmosphere of sadness and pain experienced by the family of the martyr Dalia Ahmed Estiti Samoudi, and while her tears did not dry up after being sentenced to death by the occupation bullets at dawn 7-8-2020 in her home in the Jabriya neighborhood in Jenin, I was surprised The family, after only one week, arrested their young brother, Salah El-Din Ahmed Suleiman Estiti (26 years), and threw him behind the bars of the occupation, whose detention extended his detention for eight days under the pretext of investigation, without knowing any news of his fate and the charges against him.

His father, Sheikh Ahmed Istiti, says: “The occupation did not take into account the conditions and tragedies that his crime caused against our family, and suddenly my son was taken from his bed, and he was referred for investigation, even though he did not belong to any party or organization.”

He adds: "The occupation plunges our lives by killing our daughter Dalia without guilt or reason, and today we feel anxious and fearful in light of these arbitrary and unjust practices against Salah al-Din, so was my son arrested because he was affected and sad about the loss of his sister ?! There is nothing excluded, so the occupation creates justifications and arguments to cover up the His crimes. "

Of his life ..

Since the death of his sister in the prime of youth, leaving behind a sad husband and two children of flower age, Saladin has been the most affected and saddened, as he is the firstborn of his family of 11, and he has a strong and distinguished relationship with his sister, husband and family.

His father, the imam of the Sheikh Abdullah Azzam Mosque in Jenin Camp, says: “Salah al-Din was born, raised and raised in the camp. He was distinguished by kindness, good morals, parentage, righteousness and love for his family. to her".

He adds, "He went to work in the field of trade, and had ambition and a constant quest to establish his life and build his future on his own."

Arrest and abuse

For his love for his sister and his attachment to her two children Aws and Iyas, Salah El-Din was keen to stay next to his brother-in-law Basem Samoudi, and to alleviate his suffering and grief due to the tragedy of loss, but a week after Dalia's death, specifically at dawn on the thirteenth of this August, the occupation soldiers raided her husband's house and arrested Salah El-Din.

And his father says: "We live in every moment and day in our lives since the death of our dear daughter, memories and feelings of pain, and despite this, the occupation soldiers stormed the house in which Dalia's blood did not dry up, blew up his iron gate, and smashed the seven wooden doors of the apartment without taking into account anyone's feelings." He added, "The occupation soldiers detained the family members and threatened them with death if they made any movement. Then they attacked Salah El-Din, severely beat him, handcuffed him with clips, and took him to an unknown destination."

Investigation and arrest

After she went to the Red Cross, the family learned about the detention of her son, Salah El-Din, in the "Hawara" military camp, and his father says: "Three days after his arrest, the military court in Salem extended his detention for 8 days, and the occupation returned him for investigation. We did not receive information about his fate and conditions, and what We are still following up with all the concerned authorities amid constant concern. "

He added: "An atmosphere of sadness lingers over our house, especially his mother, who suffers from several chronic diseases. She was in a big pain like us between the death and the loss of her cream a week ago, and her son was thrown into prison without any justification."

Where are human rights?

Amid feelings of discontent and condemnation, Sheikh Estiti says: “We wonder where human rights and institutions that adopt democracy from arresting my son, interrogating him, and cutting off his news? .

He added, "I hope the leaders of national action will work hard to achieve national unity, unify efforts to confront this occupation and its crimes, and complete the freedom march."


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