Netanyahu threatens to return to the policy of assassinating Palestinian leaders in Gaza

Today, Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to resume the policy of assassinations in the Gaza Strip against the leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" and the Islamic Jihad Movement .

Netanyahu said in a written statement :  " They saw that we are ready to use all tools, including personal targets, if things develop."

He added, "Hamas and Islamic Jihad must understand that what happened to them before, will now happen doubly and many times."
And the prime minister of the occupation government: "We consider every fire now, like the rule of a missile."

He added, "We have confronted and attacked the Hamas organization today after another, since 11 consecutive nights, and if necessary, we will do much more than that."

The Gaza Strip has witnessed an Israeli military escalation for about 10 days .

In recent days, aircraft and artillery of the occupation army bombed several sites belonging to the Palestinian resistance, agricultural lands for citizens, and an elementary school belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. This caused severe damage to its facilities, and led to the suspension of studies there .

Likewise, the occupation forces closed the sea to Gaza fishermen, and prevented them from working .

Last week, the Israeli occupation forces prevented fuel from entering the Gaza Strip This threatens a humanitarian catastrophe as the power plant in Gaza stops working, and the power outage will negatively affect the medical sector in Gaza, threatening the lives of premature children in nurseries, intensive care patients, and kidney failure, and the interruption will lead to the cessation of surgeries and cesarean deliveries .

On the other hand, Palestinians are actively launching incendiary balloons towards the settlements of the Gaza envelope, in response to the occupation government's tightening of the siege on the Strip, and their failure to abide by the terms of the truce agreement, which was concluded last February, with Egyptian mediation.


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