Gaza: a mass rally in opposition to normalization and an affirmation of unity

organized in the Gaza Strip, today, Wednesday, a mass popular rally, to reject normalization with the Israeli occupation, and to affirm the rejection of annexation plans, and support for recent steps for internal Palestinian rapprochement.

Thousands of people participated in the march, which started from the industry crossroads to the Ansar Junction, where it was led by the leaders of the Palestinian factions, led by Fatah and Hamas.

During the march, the Palestinian flag was raised, and slogans denouncing normalization and the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause through the recently announced rapprochement between the UAE and the occupation.

Ahmed Helles, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, saluted the Palestinian masses in all cities and governorates in Gaza and the West Bank, who came out against normalization and occupation plans to annex lands from the Jordan Valley and the West Bank, and to continue the policy of settlement expansion.

Helles stressed that the Palestinian factions of all spectrums will continue to defend their people and their land, and will adhere to national unity as an option in facing these challenges surrounding the issue.

And the price of the participation of all Palestinian factions in the national meeting held yesterday in Ramallah, praising the unified statement that came out of it, which emphasized the rejection of the declaration of normalization that represents a stab in the back of the Palestinian people.

Helles emphasized that what unites Fatah, with Hamas, is much greater than what divides them.

The Fatah leader said, "We extend our hands with all of our people and say to them Come to work together to protect our project," calling for more steps to close ranks to address the current dangers besetting the national cause.

For his part, Khalil al-Hayya, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, said that this unified stand in the face of normalization projects and the deal of the century is clear evidence that the Palestinian people are betting on them.

Al-Hayya stressed that this time is the time for unity in facing all crises and challenges, welcoming Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's invitation to the general secretaries of the factions to hold a meeting.

He stressed that the Palestinian people will do dear and precious to protect their land, sanctity and unity, stressing that the Palestinians have no choice but a comprehensive strategy that leads them to liberation.

The Hamas leader warned any country against normalization with the occupation, stressing that all Palestinians reject normalization from any state.

He pointed out that the Palestinian people have good relations with the people of the Emirates, but all Palestinians were shocked by the normalization of the regimes.

And the al-Hayya sent a message to the typists, saying, "You are imprinting with the killers of children and women, and you will go crazy with normalization."

He stressed that Palestine and Jerusalem are neither for bargaining nor for sale, and that Jerusalem does not welcome those who come through occupation, but rather welcomes the conquerors. like he said.

And he called on the Palestinian masses in the West Bank to revolt against the occupation to thwart its plans, stressing that the resistance in Gaza has its hands on the trigger and will face bombing with shelling, rockets with rockets, and murder with murder.


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