Child prisoners from Hebron decide to step up their steps against the prison administration

Child prisoners from the Hebron governorate, who are in "Ofer" prison, decided to implement protest steps against the continued administration of the occupation's prisons to deny their families access to them.

The Prisoner Club said in a statement today, Tuesday, that the continued denial of the prisoners' visit has greatly affected their psychological conditions, which has caused crises, including: the lack of clothes and basic needs, as the occupation administration invokes that stopping the visit is due to the spread of the Corona virus in Hebron.

The club added that despite the pressure exerted on the occupation's prison administration to allow prisoners to make phone calls, with the start of the virus spread, they allowed them to be conducted partially, once and with conditions, and even with the return of limited visits, hundreds of prisoners are facing denial of visitation.

It is noteworthy that the occupation prisons administration canceled the visits of a large number of families to their imprisoned children, a day before or the same day.

The Prisoner Club again called on the International Red Cross to take more serious measures in following up on visits by the families of the prisoners, especially children.


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