An algorithmic formula that allows autonomous combat vehicles to improve their efficiency by observing humans

(dpa) Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin, USA, and the Military Research Laboratory of the US Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command have developed an algorithm equation that allows autonomous combat vehicles to improve their self-guidance systems by observing humans while Driving cars.

The "Science Daily" website, which specializes in technology, quoted military researcher Jarrett Warnell as saying that "by using artificial intelligence systems such as Observational Learning Systems (APPLD), soldiers in training facilities can contribute to improving efficiency." Autonomous driving systems for combat vehicles.

He added that "such technologies will be an important contribution to the army's plans to design the next generation of combat vehicles equipped with self-guiding systems for running in rough terrain."

"After observing the behavior of humans while driving, the system was able to learn the skills of changing speed and methods of controlling combat vehicles in similar environments, which showed the possibility of making use of artificial intelligence techniques to direct vehicles in narrow lanes and implement tasks that were not able to perform before," he stressed.


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