A "smart muzzle" to analyze the air we breathe

 A team of researchers in China has developed smart masks that can analyze the air that the user breathes, allowing the vital signs of various respiratory diseases to be monitored on a large scale.

It is known that the air that a person inhales contains volatile and non-volatile compounds inside infinitesimal water points, and some of these particles can reveal important health information that helps determine whether the user has certain diseases, or how the body reacts to some types of medicine.

In order to test this technique, the researchers attached a strip of hard fibers of the type (SBME) inside the muzzle (N95), and in the experiment the volunteers were subjected to various activities such as eating banana fingers or pieces of garlic, smoking cigarettes or eating. Cups of coffee, before they are asked to wear the smart muzzle and breathe inside it, according to the website, "Science Daily", which specializes in technology.

Then the study team removed the fibers from the muzzle, and subjected them to various chemical tests to find out the compounds inside it.

With this method, researchers hope to find a new technique to diagnose respiratory diseases that require patients to wear protective face masks permanently in their daily lives.

The study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and a new research program at Jinan University in China.

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