Settlers uproot olive seedlings in Asira Ash Shamaliyah, Nablus

 settlers uprooted, today, Saturday, dozens of olive seedlings in the northern Asira lands in the Nablus governorate.

The Director of the Ministry of Information's office in the north, Nasser Jawabra, said that citizens discovered that dozens of olive seedlings that were planted on Friday in the Khillet al-Daliya area at the top of Mount Ebal, which were targeted by settlers, were uprooted, and a settlement outpost was removed from its lands.

He added that a group of settlers, with the protection of the occupation army, returned yesterday and tried to set up a number of tents in the area, but the people confronted them, which led to the outbreak of confrontations during which a number of citizens were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets and suffocation cases due to tear gas.

It is noteworthy that two settlers' caravans were removed from the summit of Mount Ebal in the lands of the northern town of Asira in Basin No. 37, called the Khilat al-Daliyah region, after the area witnessed weekly anti-settlement rallies.


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