3 casualties and damages in Israeli raids on Gaza

On Friday evening, two children and a woman were injured in a series of Israeli raids on various targets from the Gaza Strip, causing damage in the targeted areas.

According to our correspondent in Gaza, a child was hit by shrapnel in the face as a result of the shelling of agricultural land with several rockets east of al-Bureij refugee camp, east of the central Gaza Strip, pointing out that the shelling caused damage to the homes of nearby citizens.

A woman and a child were injured by the shelling of agricultural land in the vicinity of Al-Nada Towers in the northern Gaza Strip.
The occupying forces also shelled agricultural land northwest of beit Lahiya and in the Beit Hanoun area in the northern Gaza Strip with several rockets.

Several missiles were attacked around the port of Khanyounis al-Jadid in the northwest of the province.

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