Palestinian organizations and institutions in Washington condemn the agreement between Israel and the UAE

 condemned Palestinian organizations and institutions and activists for the Palestinian right on the American arena, today, Friday, the normalization agreement announced between Israel and the United Arab Emirates under American auspices.

And the signatories to the statement considered that this step is a stab in treachery to the Palestinian cause by a regime that claims to have done so, for the sake of the Palestinian interest.

The signatories emphasized that the national interest and Arab nationalism requires confronting colonial policies in our great Arab homeland and entrusting the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people and their historical struggle in order to achieve their legitimate rights of return, self-determination and their fully independent state, not coherence, normalization, subjugation and conspiracy against the capabilities of the Arab nation.

They denounced the attempt of the ruling regime in the Emirates to justify that step and its normalization programs out of concern for the Palestinian national interest and to stop Israel's expansionist intentions to annex parts of the West Bank, considering that the "deal of the century" was dropped by Palestinian rejection and steadfastness supported by the positions of the growing Palestinian advocates of rights around the world and in the Arab world in a way. Special.

The signatories called on the Palestinian community in the United States and supporters of the Palestinian right to boycott the activities of the UAE embassy in the United States and to boycott any political or social figures affiliated with the UAE government.

The signatories of the statement are:

1- The Palestinian Relief Society in America

2- The Palestinian Council in the United States.

3- The Palestinian American Council.

4- The Palestinian Community Network in the United States of America - USPCN.

5- The Palestinian Relief Organization.

6- The Palestinian-American Youth League.

7- The Palestinian American Cultural Center - Houston.

8- The Palestinian American Women Association.

9 - The Palestinian American Sports Federation.

10- Jerusalem Center.

11-Palestine Alliance, Dallas.

12-Palestine Metroplex Alliance.

13- Palestine Democratic Network.

14- The Palestinian American Council / Louisiana.

15 - The Palestinian American Foundation for Peace.

16- The Arab Network for Culture / Opinion and Information.

17- The Renaissance Center - Chicago.

18- The Palestinian American Community Center, Arizona-PACC.


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