A human rights center condemns the tightening of the Gaza blockade

 Today, Thursday, the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights condemned the Israeli occupation forces' tightening siege on the Gaza Strip and their closure of the Karam Abu Salem commercial crossing, which is the only crossing designated for transporting goods and reducing the fishing area, in devotion to the crime of collective punishment.

In a statement, the Center warned of the repercussions of the Israeli decision on the humanitarian situation that is heading towards further deterioration, calling on the international community to urgently intervene to stop the Israeli violations and lift the siege on the sector, which is witnessing an unprecedented collapse in living standards, widespread unemployment, poverty, and others.

The Center indicated that the residents of the Gaza Strip continue to suffer from the Israeli violations that have continued since October 2000, most notably the Israeli blockade that the occupation authorities tightened in 2007, the continued air, land and sea attacks, the use of excessive and deadly force against civilians, and the imposition of restricted access areas. Which led to an unprecedented deterioration in the humanitarian situation.


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