Gaza health is strengthening its preventive measures to receive returnees through the border crossings

Rami Al-Abadleh, Director of the Infection Control Department at the General Administration of Hospitals in Gaza Health, confirmed that additional preventive measures have been taken by following quality standards and infection control as part of preventive medical measures to confront the "Corona" virus in preparation for receiving thousands of returning citizens through Rafah and Beit Hanoun crossings.

Al-Abadala explained in a press statement that the Ministry has prepared several places to wait for cases and preserve them from unsafe mixing, so that they are distributed according to categories, indicating that the cases of patients who need special care, chronic patients, girls and youth, and families have been sorted. And those in contact with infected cases.

He said, "Preparations have been made to conduct a corona examination, for all returnees entering their first entry to assess their condition through trained and qualified medical staff, provided that cases are distributed to quarantine places, each according to his condition," noting that these measures aim to protect the health of patients and medical and nursing staff and prevent From transmission.

He added, "The Ministry is continuing to conduct intensive training for its health cadres working in hospitals and primary care centers and workers in the field of ambulance and emergency to keep them on a high level of readiness and readiness to confront the Corona virus."


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