The occupation arrested five citizens

Israeli troops arrested five palestinians from Bethlehem, Tulkarem and Jenin early Friday.

According to our correspondent, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Mohammed Ahmed al-Jaafari, a resident of Al-Dheisheh refugee camp, while he was at his workplace inside the Green Line.

The official news agency also reported that the israeli occupation forces arrested Mohammed Attia Sobh, 23, from Jabal Hindaza in the east, and Hamza Bilal al-Debs, 20, from Dheisheh refugee camp in the south, after raiding and searching their relatives' homes.

Clashes also broke out with Israeli soldiers during the incursion into the Dheisheh refugee camp, where they fired bullets, gas bombs and sound.

In Tulkarem, forces arrested Omar Abu al-Rub from The Noor Shams camp in the east after raiding his house, searching it and tampering with its contents.

In Jenin, israeli forces raided the village of Qawa, east of Jenin, and arrested Amir Munther Masad after raiding the home of his relatives.

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