China punishes 158 illegal live broadcasting platforms

Chinese authorities have punished 158 illegal live broadcasting platforms since launching an anti-abuse campaign in the industry across the country in early June.

These platforms have been urged to remove accounts and harmful information and ban hosts who violate laws and regulations, according to the State Administration of China Cyberspace.

Many of the problems in the live broadcasting industry have not yet been eradicated, including vulgar content, illegal advertisements, pornography and fraud through online gambling, a NBS official said.

The campaign will focus in the next phase on tightening the management of live broadcasting platforms in terms of licensing Internet content providers and market access, according to the department.

The administration said that the concerned departments will set regulations on providing rewards (virtual gifts of a cash nature to be offered to direct broadcast hosts) via the Internet, and establish an evaluation system to encourage direct broadcast hosts to provide high-quality content.


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