4 deaths, 353 new cases in Corona and 199 recovery cases were recorded

Palestinian Health Minister Mai Al-Kaila announced today, Wednesday, 4 cases of death, 353 new cases of coronavirus and 199 cases of recovery in the last 24 hours, after conducting 2936 laboratory tests.

Minister Alkila added, in a press statement, today, Wednesday, that 3 of the deaths recorded during the last 24 hours were in the Hebron Governorate, and one death in Jericho and Al Aghwar Governorate, ranging in age from 57 to 70 years.

She pointed out that the new injuries were distributed in 9 governorates: Hebron 158, Nablus 20, Jericho and Al-Aghwar 21, Bethlehem 4, Qalqilya 5, Jenin 14, Ramallah and Al-Bireh 25, Tulkarm 5, Jerusalem Governorate 104, including 58 inside Jerusalem .

The Minister of Health continued that recovery cases were recorded in the governorates of Nablus 32, Salfit 4, Qalqilya 9, Jericho and Al-Aghwar 114, Tulkarem 7, Jenin 14 and Tubas 19.

She added that the recovery rate stood at 48%, while the active injury rate was 51.5%, and the death rate was 0.5%.

The Minister of Health said that the recovery rates in 8 governorates in addition to the Gaza Strip exceeded 50%, where the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate recorded a recovery rate of 54.1%, Bethlehem 67.7%, Hebron 50.5%, Qalqilya 61.3%, Nablus 53.6%, Tulkarm 50%, Salfit 73.5%, Tubas 69.2%, Gaza Strip 89.7%, Jenin 38.3%, Jericho and Al-Aghwar 28.6%, Jerusalem Governorate 39.49%.

The Minister of Health stated that 13 patients are treated in intensive care rooms, including 3 patients on respirators.

She stressed the importance of the citizens' adherence to preventive measures, safety and social separation, and being careful to wear masks when leaving the house to prevent infection with the virus.


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