Netanyahu: Putin will meet soon to discuss military coordination in Syria

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday unveiled a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"a while ago, I spoke with President Putin and agreed to meet in the near future to continue the security coordination between the armies of our country," Netanyahu said during his government's weekly Meeting.

Netanyahu stressed that Tel Aviv "will continually act to prevent Iran from establishing military bases in Syria and preventing it from transporting lethal weapons to Hezbollah in lebanon," according to his remarks.

Netanyahu's talk with Putin is the first since Moscow moved the S-300 system to Syria after the Russian airliner was shot down in Latakia three weeks ago, the Hebrew site said.

Israeli warplanes launched a raid against a Syrian military position near the Syrian city of Latakia on 16 September last september, to which the Syrian army responded by firing "s 200" anti-aircraft Missiles.

The incident resulted in the wounding and dropping of a Russian "il 20" military aircraft and the killing of 15 officers and crew Members.

Russia blamed Israel for the downing of the Russian Plane.

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