Facebook decides to compete with YouTube in music business

"Friday" Facebook announced the addition of copyrighted music video recordings that users can view directly over the network without the need to move to "YouTube", which accounts for the largest part of the music video works.

This new category will be added to the Facebook Watch service, and users will be able to interact with the videos by liking, commenting or sharing like all other posts.

The new service includes address specific playlists, such as those from streaming services, including Spotify and Desire.

"We have worked with partners in India and Thailand to lay the foundations for trying music videos on Facebook," Tamara Hryvnak, Facebook's global music strategy development officer, said in a statement.

The global network is launching the new service in the United States thanks to partnership agreements with music production companies, including Sony, Universal, Warner and BMG.

The world's leading social network prepares its users for presenting first-time broadcasts and exclusive content for artists, including C. Balvin, Carol G, Sebastian Yatra, Alejandro Fernandez and Calipri 50.

Music videos have contributed greatly to the growth of YouTube, the video platform of Google, which is more than two billion users per month.

Home quarantine measures during the Covid-19 epidemic led to a significant increase in the rates of use of digital platforms, especially entertainment, including soap operas and music through video games.


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