After Huawei ... Trump declares war on the Chinese "Tik Tok" application

US President Donald Trump announced Friday that he would ban the use of the "Tik Tok" app in the United States, where authorities suspect that espionage operations could take place on behalf of Chinese intelligence.

"As far as Tik Tok is concerned, we're going to ban it in the United States," Trump told reporters on board the presidential plane. 

In recent weeks, US officials and parliamentarians have expressed concern that Beijing is using the platform, which is owned by the Chinese company "Biddance" and is very popular, for bad ends. But the group denied the existence of any relationship with the Chinese government.

Trump said he would take action from Saturday by using his powers for economic emergencies or by executive order.

Trump's decision comes after a review by the United States' Foreign Investment Committee, which looks at contracts that affect U.S. national security. 

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