UNRWA denounces the killing of 13 refugee students in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

UNRWA on Sunday condemned the killing of two schoolchildren by the Israeli army on Friday at the Gaza border, raising the number of students to 13 since March 30 March in the context of the border Marches.

In a statement, UNRWA indicated that a number of other children attending school had been injured in those demonstrations.

It indicated that 22 of its health centres in various parts of Gaza had treated 4,104 people injured in the protests, including more than 770 children, most of which (86 per Cent) were gunshot wounds, often resulting in serious bodily harm, which could heal WOUNDS. "but The impact of this violence on victims and all those involved in caring for them lasts a long time, and there is often a need for long-term, costly and uncertain rehabilitation."

UNRWA deplored the loss of life and the devastating impact of deaths and injuries on individuals and families. Hostess  "every effort must be made to provide more effective protection to those exposed to this tragic situation."

"the recent violence is inflicting more pain and suffering on the already traumatized Palestinian refugee community, which has long suffered from occupation and has lived for more than a decade under siege and repeated hostilities," she said. The worsening of the humanitarian crisis in recent months has caused more severe damage to the Gaza Strip and strained the fragile health system to the point of Collapse. "

"we are witnessing an excessive phase of hardship and hardship in gaza, where difficult and intolerable living conditions continue to Deteriorate. There is a decline in the sense of hope among the approximately 2 million gazans, 70% of whom are Refugees. "

"while all actors must take the initiative to ensure that violence is prevented, rights and dignity remain indispensable for Gaza and remain the horizon for its people--the horizon that must be achieved in the context of a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-palestinian conflict," she Said.


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