The number of wild tigers is slowly increasing but remains threatened in Thailand

On Wednesday, World Tigers Day, organizations said that the number of these wild animals in Thailand is slowly increasing, but this species is still very threatened.

Due to logging and illegal hunting, only 4,000 of these animals are left in the wild.

However, recent videos in western Thailand's forests give some hope.

It has detected several tigers that had not been seen before in these thick jungles, as shown by the scenes published by several groups to protect animals.

"The number of tigers has started to rise. Thailand has intensified its conservation efforts in the last decade and we think it has about 200 tigers," said John Goodrich of the non-governmental organization "Panthera".

Forest rangers will verify that these tigers will stay in this area for the long term.

"The return of the tigers to these forests means that their ecosystems are recovering and this is good for the entire livestock," said Eileen Larney, representative of the London Livestock Society in Thailand.

This improvement is due to new technologies used to combat illegal fishing.

The cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence and pattern recognition software, allowing potential hunters to be monitored and reported to the local police before they kill any animal.

However, the future of these tigers is still threatened, especially in Southeast Asia, where they hunt in order to obtain their skin and parts thereof due to their supposed medicinal advantages sold in China and Vietnam.

These animals ceased to exist in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Of these, only 23 remain in the wild in Burma.

"We must focus on this region where the tigers are experiencing the greatest difficulties. But without the support of governments we will not succeed," John Goodrich stressed.


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