Prisoners Authority: The feasts compound the suffering of the prisoners due to the occupation measures

The Prisoners and Editors Authority said that the festivals and occasions increase the suffering of the prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, due to the arbitrary measures and violations practiced by the prisoners against more than 4,500 male and female prisoners, in order to screw them up and spoil any joy for them.

The Commission reviewed in a statement today, Wednesday, on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday, details of the pain of the prisoners and their families by the arrival of this occasion, through which the prisoners seek to try to forget their suffering, by exchanging blessings for the feast and distributing sweets, and dressing their best clothes.

She explained that the holiday is a painful and painful occasion for the prisoners, and harsh on their hearts, in which the captive is forced to retrieve the tape of his memories, including the scenes and beautiful stations he lived before the arrest, adding that some of them involve long hours in the corners of the rooms, while others begin to translate their feelings on paper And the cloth, to write some poems and drawings in the hope that they will later reach their owners.

She stated that the holidays are an occasion whose pain and cruelty are only felt by those who tasted the bitterness of the prison, pointing out that hundreds of prisoners received dozens of holidays while in prison, and some of them lost their relatives during detention, and therefore they lost the opportunity to be with them on the feast again.

She considered that the holidays are an occasion no less painful for the families of the prisoners, whose dream is not to go to public places and parks and spend hours with their children and loved them and their grandchildren, but to prisons to visit their children.

She stressed that "despite these bloody human feelings, the occupation prisons administration, with the approaching of each feast, is taking measures that would constrict the prisoners, to take away their joy in the feast, including depriving them of visits between the different rooms and sections, and implementing transfers between prisons to exhaust the prisoners and occupy them, and isolate some of them in Solitary cells, and preventing them from performing the rites of communal gathering, especially Eid prayer and takbeer.

Maj. Gen. Qadri Abu Bakr, head of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, affirmed the necessity for the world to pay attention to all its international, legal and legal institutions to the issue of prisoners in the occupation prisons and their families, which are filled with human details and the various kinds of torture and suffering, and that the real and actual work for their release begin.


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