Hayek warns of the collapse of the private sector in Gaza completely

Ali al-Hayek, president of the Palestinian Businessmen's Association in the Gaza Strip, on Saturday called for urgent intervention to solve the problems of the private sector and save it from collapse and closure due to delayed benefits and non-payment of compensation.

Hayek said in a press statement that the delay in the disbursement of compensation and tax returns for the private sector pushed many economic establishments and factories towards closure and contributed to the decline in the productive capacity of many other establishments, and raised unemployment and poverty rates.

He warned of the collapse of economic facilities and hundreds of factories whose owners were involved in legal cases as a result of their inability to meet the financial obligations accumulated on these activities for banks, individuals and others.

Hayek stressed the importance of providing the necessary support to the private sector to ensure that it can rebuild itself, rehabilitate its damaged facilities and compensate them for the heavy losses suffered during the years of war and siege.

He pointed out that the economic and humanitarian stranglehold is tightening on the population of the Gaza Strip, and international institutions and organizations are required to press for the lifting of the blockade and the opening of all commercial crossings and the export of Gaza products.

He appealed to all sides for the need to complete Palestinian reconciliation and urgent intervention to save the private sector from complete collapse, and stressed the need for the private sector to be adopted in formal institutions and to provide urgent solutions for the re-establishment of all economic life facilities.

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