The latest developments in the spread of the emerging corona virus in the world

Below are the latest developments on the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, from the latest outcome of injuries and deaths to the most recent measures and most notable developments:

India has crossed the threshold of 30,000 deaths as a result of Covid-19, becoming the sixth most affected by the epidemic. The Indian authorities considered that this number did not reflect the true number of victims. Tests to date show that about 1.3 million Indians are infected with the virus.

The epidemic has killed more than 633,000 people worldwide since the end of December, according to an AFP tally based on official sources as of 11:00 GMT Friday. Slightly more than 15.5 million injuries were officially recorded in 196 countries and regions.

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the southern United States, he had canceled the Republican National Convention, which was scheduled to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, next month to formally nominate the party's presidential candidate.

A study conducted in Brazil and published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" showed the inefficiency of hydroxychloroquine in treating mild and moderate forms of Covid-19 infection.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who on Thursday toured a motorcycle and held discussions without putting a muzzle in Brasilia, is promoting the drug's widespread use.

Bolivia decided to postpone the general elections to 18 October after it was scheduled to take place on 6 September, due to an increase in cases of Covid-19.

More than 500 people closed the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, after the latter's authorities refused to allow them entry due to the epidemic, according to human rights organizations.

Mexico (130 million residents), the fourth most affected country by the epidemic, recorded a record number of injuries in 24 hours amounting to 8438 cases.

For its part, Colombia recorded an unprecedented number of deaths, amounting to 315 within 24 hours. The country of 50 million people reported 7,688 deaths from Covid-19.

The high number of Covid-19 infections in Europe is of concern to the European branch of the World Health Organization, and the latter has called on countries on the continent to "remain responsive" and "take tougher measures" when necessary.

A three-year-old girl died in Belgium after suffering from Covid-19, and she was suffering from several other diseases. This victim is the youngest in the country with a surge in casualties. The overwhelming majority of deaths are recorded among those over the age of 65, and child mortality due to the virus remains exceptional.

The Disney Group announced that the Covid-19 pandemic forced it again to delay the start of indefinite films, including huge budget works like "Mulan", while postponing the new part of the "Star Wars" and Avatar series for a year.


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