Clashes in Kafr Qaddum and Qalqilya with the occupation soldiers

 Clashes broke out in the village of Kafr Kaddoum, east of Qalqilya, with Israeli soldiers after the weekly march began towards the entrance, which has been closed since 2003.

Witnesses confirmed that two young men were injured by rubber bullets during the clashes, and mass suffocation caused by heavy tear gas canisters being fired at houses near the clashes.

Mourad Shteiwi, coordinator of the weekly march, said: The march entered its tenth year without stopping and with popular momentum witnessed by the far and the far despite the huge bill of the ran, disabled and detained, heavy fines, repeated intrusions, intimidation, intimidation of parents and the arrest of children.

In addition, clashes broke out on the ground with Israeli soldiers near the northern crossing area of Qalqilya and israeli soldiers fired gas, rubber bullets and spongy bullets.

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