Netanyahu orders an increase in his army’s budget to accelerate the construction of the new wall with Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, Wednesday, ordered his Ministry of Finance and Security Services and the Israeli National Security Council to find financial resources that would add an increase of NIS 3.3 billion to the budget of the Israeli army.

Netanyahu explained in his tweets via his Twitter account in Arabic that the aim is to finance the activities of the Israeli army, and to establish a new border security barrier with the Gaza Strip, and other vital areas that cannot be delayed.

He noted that he had discussions on the Israeli army budget in the presence of Benny Gantz, Finance Minister Yisrael Katz, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, the head of the Israeli National Security Council Meir bin Shabat, and other senior officials.

During the session, Netanyahu stressed the importance he attaches "to enabling the security establishment to maintain stability in the face of security challenges facing Israel in the many arenas surrounding us," he said.


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