Twitter hackers are young friends who have no connection to organized crime

 New York Times reported that hackers involved in hacking Twitter accounts earlier this week are young friends who have no links to organized crime or governments.

The attack, which is being investigated by "Twitter" and the federal police, began with a message as a joke among the pirates on the "Discord" platform, a popular chat service for online gamers, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that it had interviewed four people who participated in the piracy operation and showed pictures of their screens supporting their narration.

And, she added, "The interviews indicate that the cyber attack was not organized by a country like Russia or a complex group of pirates."

"Instead, it was carried out by young men, one of whom says he lives at home with his mother, who got to know each other because of their obsession with having unusual names that they use to access electronic toys," she noted.

A massive hacking of accounts of prominent figures from Elon Musk to Joe Biden has raised questions about the security of this platform, which is a platform for politicians ahead of the upcoming US elections in November.

"Based on what we know so far, we believe that approximately 130 accounts have been targeted by pirates in some way as part of the incident," Twitter said in a tweet.

"For a small subset of these accounts, the attackers were able to control them and then send tweets from those accounts."

And he gave some of these fake tweets, which were soon deleted by the owners of the targeted accounts with the process of piracy, each follower of these accounts 30 minutes to send to a specific address an amount of bitcoin currency to receive twice that amount.

"We detected what we believe to be a coordinated engineering attack from people who have successfully targeted a number of our employees who have access to internal systems and tools," Twitter said.

The company added that the pirates "used this access ability to control many accounts ... which are receiving a lot of follow-up."


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