The sale of a painting by German artist Richter for more than two million euros

 Early work by German painter Gerhard Richter was sold at an auction in Munich, Germany, for more than two million euros at an auction.

Richter's 1968 oil painting "Christiane and Kirsten" shows a black and white picture of two little girls.

It can be said that Richter is the most influential living artist in Germany, and one of the most valuable artists in the world.

According to the Kitterer Kunst auction house, the painting was sold for 2,625 million euros at an auction on Friday. The painting will go to a collector of paintings in Hong Kong.

At an auction in London in 2014, for example, the Richter abstract painting "Wall" was sold for 17.4 million pounds.

Richter was born in Dresden, and trained in East Germany for classic realistic painting, his works include a series of artistic types, such as silent life, portraits, landscapes, as well as various forms of abstraction. And his studio is located in cologne.


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