50 dead, new toll of immigrants sank in eastern Turkey

 Media reported that the death toll of a boat that was carrying migrants in a lake in eastern Turkey at the end of June rose to fifty people, on Saturday, after finding five additional bodies.

The Turkish Anatolia News Agency said that the Turkish authorities recovered, on Saturday, five bodies, including the bodies of two children, in Lake Van, three weeks after the boat sank.

The accident is the deadliest for migrants to date in this closed water area.

On June 27, a boat carrying migrants, particularly from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, sank in the aforementioned lake, probably due to bad weather.

Between 55 and 60 people were boarding the boat, according to the authorities who deployed drones, helicopters, and teams of divers to find the victims.

Last week, the ship's wreck was found at a depth of 107 meters.

Turkey is one of the most important transit countries for migrants seeking to reach Europe from Asia and the Middle East.

Lake Van is located in a county of the same name, and it is on the path of migrants seeking to reach Europe.

Although it is not adjacent to any other country, a large number of migrants prefer to cross it in order to avoid police patrols by road.

In December, a boat carrying dozens of migrants sank in the lake, at least seven of whom died.


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