Gaza .. "Interior" and "Health" are conducting training simulating the detection of "Corona" injuries

The Ministries of Interior and Health in the Gaza Strip are carrying out today, Saturday, a joint training exercise simulating the detection of new infections of the "Corona" virus in a crowded residential neighborhood in the Al-Nasr area, west of Gaza City .

 The maneuver includes, according to the statement of the "Interior", how to deal with the injury, the closure of the residential area, and the imposition of curfews in that region, with the implementation of the complete separation between the provinces .

Iyad Al-Bazm, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, said that the maneuver comes in the framework of raising readiness and increasing efficiency of government agencies in dealing with any developments regarding confronting "Corona" in the Gaza Strip, in light of the increased risk, and the spread of the virus in neighboring countries .

The total number of cases of "Corona" virus in the Gaza Strip, since the start of the pandemic until Friday, 72 cases, 63 of which were recovering, and one death was recorded.


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