Occupation arrests 7 citizens from the West Bank, including a former prisoner

The occupation army arrested at least seven citizens at dawn on Thursday, including a former prisoner who was not more than two months after his release.

Local sources said that the occupation re-arrested the leader of the Islamic Jihad and the former prisoner Juma Tayeh from Kafr Nima, west of Ramallah, who had previously spent 18 years in detention.

The occupation forces also arrested six citizens from Bethlehem: Muhammad Khaled Ayad, former prisoner Saeed Amjad Awda al-Jawarish, Issa Muhammad Eid al-Harimi, Muhammad Mustafa al-Nabahin, and Amjad Saleh Abu Aker from Aida Camp.

The arrests included Kamel Aqout from Dura, south of Hebron.


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